LWVNY Calendar 2013-14

2013-2014 LWVNYS Calendar



2013-2014 Calendar


July 2013

1 Beginning of Fiscal Year

1 1st Quarter PMP Due

4 Independence Day (Office Closed)

15 Bi-Monthly Lobbyist Report/Semi-Annual Client Report


August 2013

18 SBU/ Voter Deadline

Election Information, Study Committees Requests and Contact List, Criteria for Declaring a Valid Consensus/Concurrence in SBU, Voter Guide Part II order forms

25 SBU/ Voter Distributed

26 Day the 19th Amendment was passed / Women’s Equality Day


September 2013

1 Voter Guide Part II Order Forms Due

2 Labor Day (Office Closed)

10 Primary Day

18 SBU/ Voter Deadline

SIA recruitment info, Leg. Agenda request form

18 Board Meeting 2:00-9:00pm

19 Board Meeting 8:30 am-noon

25 SBU/ Voter Distributed

17 Constitution / Citizenship Day

30 Deadline for Nominations to LWVUS 2014 Nominating Committee


October 2013

1 2nd Quarter PMP Due

8 UN Day

14 Columbus Day (Office Closed)

18 SBU/ Voter Deadline

Voter Service Survey, SIA LL Participation Form, Studies Materials, Leg Order Form

24 United Nations Day

25 SBU/ Voter Distributed


November 2013

5 Election Day

8 Legislative Agenda Response Form due from local Leagues to LWVNYS

11 Veteran’s Day (Office Closed)

18 SBU/ Voter Deadline

Reminder to update LWVUS database, Leg Order Form, SIA materials, studies materials, Voter

Service Surveys

25 SBU/ Voter Distributed

28 Thanksgiving Day (Office Closed)

December 2013

Call to LWVUS Convention

4 Board Meeting 2:15pm-5:30pm

10 SBU/ Voter Deadline

Remind local Leagues to update their databases

15 Legislative Order forms due from Local Leagues

15 Bill of Rights Day

15 Voter Service Survey Due to State LWV

18 SBU/ Voter Distributed

25 Christmas (Office Closed)


January 2014

1 New Year’s Day (Office Closed)

1 3rd Quarter PMP Due

1 SIA Packets to Coordinators

NYS State of the State Address

1-30 Update National Database

18 SBU/ Voter Deadline

Legislative Agenda and Legislative Packet Distributed, Reminder to update LWVUS database

20 Martin Luther King Day (Office Closed)

25 SBU/ Voter Distributed

30 Raffle Report Due to City of Albany Clerk and NYS Wagering Board

Also, submit application for 2014 Raffle to City of Albany Clerk

31 Membership Count Deadline from local Leagues to LWVUS


February 2014

4 Lobby Day

14 League’s 94nd Birthday (LWVNYS 95th)

17 President’s Day (Office Closed)

18 SBU/ Voter Deadline

25 SBU/ Voter Distributed

March 2014

Women’s History Month

1 SIA Student Paperwork Due

1 LWVUS Program Planning, Bylaw Amendments and “Hardship for Convention” requests due

12 Board Meeting by Conference Call 10:00am

16-22 Sunshine Week

18 SBU/ Voter Deadline

Council Packet Submission Deadline (Budget info studies, annual reports)

23 Raffle Tickets Mailed

25 SBU/ Voter Distributed


April 2014

Partnership Award Event

1 Law Day

1 4th Quarter PMP Due

4 Consensus on LWVUS Study on Agriculture Due

15-21 National Volunteer Week

18 SBU/ Voter Deadline

Voter Guide Order and LL update info form

25 SBU/ Voter Distributed

27 LWVUS Convention materials available online


May 2014

15 Bi-Monthly Lobbyist Report

18 SBU/ Voter Deadline

Voter Guide Order and LL update info form

18-21 Students Inside Albany Conference

21 Board Meeting   2:00pm-9:00pm

22 Board Meeting 8:00am-noon

LWVUS Convention Registration Deadline

25 SBU/ Voter Distributed

26 Memorial Day (Office Closed)


June 2014

6-10 LWVUS Convention (Dallas, TX

18 SBU/ Voter Deadline

25 SBU/ Voter Distributed

25 Action Fund Mailing Out

30 Local League Updates Due

Voter Guide Orders Due

LWVNYS Council Meeting

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