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High School Students in Albany

League of Women Voters and NYS Social Studies Supervisory Association Launch Comprehensive Civics Program for All High School Seniors

Our young people want to know how to make a difference and influence their government + but they don't know how! Help support our efforts to educate and engage these young people with a donation to the League of Women Voters of NYS Education Foundation (EF).

The League is excited to announce the release of our 2018 civic engagement and voter participation lesson plans for all high school seniors in New York State. The League partnered with the NYS Social Studies Supervisory Association (NYS4A) and three high school teachers to create seven lesson plans focused on New York State and local government and the importance of being an active participant in the political process. These seven lesson plans were designed to help students develop a better understanding of how public policy is made in New York and learn more about their rights and responsibilities as citizens. Support the education of our youth!

The lesson plans can be customized to meet the needs of individual classrooms or student interests and are designed to be inquiry-based and nonpartisan. The lessons are based on the Key Ideas and Social Studies Practices of the New York State Social Studies Curriculum Framework.

Lesson topics include:

  • The structure of New York State Government
  • Individual rights and responsibilities in New York State
  • Voting in New York State
  • The Public Policy Process (Laws) in New York
  • Influencing New York State Government
  • Participating in Political Action in Your Local Community
  • Participating in Community Service in Your Local Community

The lesson plans and materials are available at and on the state League website. Help us engage and educate more youth with a donation!

We are excited to announce this project and hope that you will consider supporting our future youth engagement by making a donation to the League's Education Foundation. With your help we can expand this program to create public forums that can be presented state-wide. Civic education is the first step to political engagement.