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Talkin' Trash

Talkin' Trash

Historical, Environmental, and Economic Background on the Cortland County Landfill Talkin' Trash


Regulatory Environment: Timothy DiGiulio PE and Thomas Annal PE, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

Hydrogeology: Todd Miller, Retired, U.S. Geological Survey

History of Cortland County Solid Waste Management & Budget Trends: Alison King PhD

PRESENTATIONS: Talkin' Trash - February 2014

Health Risks of Importing Incinerator Ash

The Cortland County Legislature considered importing ash from Onondaga County's incinerator to our county landfill.

In October 2015, the LWV sponsored a forum on potential impact of the proposal. Dr. Donald Hughes presented data on the health risks of ash:

Health Risks of Importing Incinerator Ash

After studying the issue for over a year, the Cortland LWV voted to publicly oppose the proposal.