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LWVNYS 2019 Legislative Agenda

The NYS League's 2019 Legislative agenda includes the actions below. More information is in this brochure: 2019 LWV NYS Legislative Agenda

ELECTION LAW: modernizing voter registration, early in-person voting and no-excuse absentee voting, and better ballot design

HEALTHCARE: improving access, cost containment, equity, and safety in healthcare; supporting the option of medial aid in dying for the terminally ill

CAMPAIGN FINANCE: lowering contribution limits and eliminating LLC loophole

ETHICS: effective and independent monitoring of state ethics

ENERGY AND CLIMATE CHANGE: protecting natural resources, public health, and economy from impacts of fossil fuel industry; developing renewable energy to meet emissions goals and slow climate change

HAZARDOUS WASTE: banning import of drilling and other hazardous waste from other states; moving NYS toward a Zero Waste future; banning microbeads from consumer products

ELECTRIC GRID: financing and creation of grid that facilitates distribution of renewable energy

AGRICULTURE: protecting food production and distribution while diverting food waste from landfills, incinerators, and other waste treatment facilities

SOCIAL WELFARE: protecting transgender New Yorkers by supporting the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act

WOMEN'S ISSUES: supporting constitutional right of privacy of individual to make reproductive choices and writing federal Roe v. Wade protections into NYS law; supporting measures to reduce incidence and effects of domestic violence

EDUCATION: opposing geographic shares as basis for allocating state aid and overreliance of education funding on property taxes

JUDICIAL ISSUES: supporting a unified state court system and alternatives to incarceration for appropriate defenders

Cortland Call To Action

Over a decade ago a Cortland County Legislative Committee and the League of Women Voters of Cortland County called for the creation of a full-time professional County Administrator.

In 2002, the County Legislature established the position through local law. The Cortland League urges the Legislature to hire an Administrator now. With a $134 million annual budget, our county needs a full-time professional.

Only ten of New York State's 62 counties have no administrator or executive.

We recommend that the Legislature establish a search committee that includes private and public executives who have hired successful senior administrators. An experienced search committee may help ensure that we hire someone with both the managerial qualifications and the people skills to be an effective administrator.

This is a link to the local law on the Cortland County website -

This is a link to the job description on the Cortland County website -

Here are 3 links to presentations at our 2016 educational forum.

CountyAdministrator_Background & History_AlisonKing,PhD,LWVCC,

CountyAdministrator_NYS & US_MaryMcGuire,PhD,

Perspective of a County Administrator_JoeMareane

After two Administrators, the Legislature has allowed the position to remain vacant since the last administrator resigned in 2014.

Since then, the part time Chair of the Legislature has acted as Administrator.

Since then, the County has been unable to resolve the challenges of the landfill and recycling center.

Since then, the County has been unable to resolve the challenges of overcrowding at the County jail.

It is past time for a full time professional administrator who can:

  • Coordinate staff services to Legislature,
  • Develop and enforce County policies,
  • Coordinate administrative functions of departments, meet regularly with department heads, liaise between departments and Legislature,
  • Represent Legislature in contacts w/State & Federal officials and agencies


  • Supervise dept heads,
  • Conduct performance appraisals, Recommend appointments/dismissals


  • Prepare tentative County budget, Audit County departments,
  • Measure policy impact on tax base and econ development


  • Participate in all labor relations activities

What Can You Do?

Call your legislator and ask how you can help get this done because -
  • The $34 million/year County budget is big enough to require central oversight. Only 10 counties in New York State have no Administrator or Executive.

  • The County is considering spending over $50 million on a new jail complex, but basic questions have not been answered.

  • We are still waiting for solutions to solid waste management, and the new flow control law has not been enforced. Proposals move forward helter-skelter with little understanding of impact.

  • We need a CEO (Chief Executive Officer). The CEO/Administrator position is responsible for oversight, planning, future expenditures, the entire operation. Complex organizations are not run by CFOs (Chief Financial Officers). The CFO only does finances.

  • Without an Administrator, County department heads and the County Attorney are overseen by a part-time Legislature. Is anyone in charge and aware of the everyday goings on in the County government?

  • Our County government must follow proper procedures in contracts and governing to avoid putting the County in legal jeopardy.

  • We can afford to hire an Administrator to lead decision-making and do it right. We are losing money and opportunities without a professional administrator!